Sunday, 7 December 2008

2 carol services down...

The main oddity of the 8 week Michaelmas term is celebrating Christmas before November has finished. This year, the first advent carol service didn't feel *ridiculously* early because 30th November was, liturgically speaking, the first Sunday of advent. But having waved goodbye to all the undergrads, sung in two carol services and experienced the luxury of spare time (unknown here since October 1st), I've been so so so so bored today. This is partly because the end of term coincided with a paper that I had to give. On Weds night, when the seminar was over, I realised just how much mental energy I'd been using to prepare for it. Finishing it has left me unable to finish sentences for a few days and unable to concentrate of little except sleep and deciding who to send which Christmas card to.

However, I now have A Plan to get me motivated for December. It involves a new filing cabinet from Argos, some manila folders and an unprecedented level of Linda-organisation skills.

Of course, before these heights of administrative brilliance can be reached, I have to buy the cabinet and use my well-hidden DIY skills to construct it. Monday is going to be FUN. 

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